Powder Rooms – How to make them GORGEOUS!

Although Powder room is the smallest part of the home, it is a critical part. Also called half bathroom, it contains only sink and toilet, no shower or tub; it is called the guest bathroom as well. Powder rooms took their name in a past era from the powder that flew from the servants when powdering their master’s wigs. In the Victorian age, powder rooms were restrooms for women, and nowadays people call it half bathroom or guest bathroom.

The powder room is a luxury in some homes. It is usually located on the first floor or at the beginning of the house beside the reception room and it is only for the guests and visitors to allow them to use it whenever they want without being embarrassed or feeling they are intruding in the home.

How do you decorate them to make them functional yet chic yet cool? Powder rooms allow for a surprising amount of creative flexibility, particularly when it comes to the blank-canvas possibilities of the walls.  Your home’s powder room may be tiny, but it’s also one of the most visited rooms in the house.

Houzz.com has put together a really good showcase of their most popular powder rooms!  If you need some powder room inspiration, then check their ideas out here.

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